Some people are just not contented with the hair they have. Perhaps it’s in their genes or they may have had a bad hair experience before. Some even go to the extent of buying several expensive products to achieve thicker and longer hair.
It may not be wrong at all to try products that promise to make hair grow faster and healthier. What matters is we know what ideal products to use that will suit our hair type. It would be best as well to consult with hair professionals about using certain products. Researching about the product and what ingredients they contain could also be a big help.

Vitamin supplements. Vitamins can be used to promote hair growth. Vitamins and minerals are important in keeping our body strong and healthy. With a healthy body, one is also able to achieve healthy hair. So what supplements do we actually need? The water soluble B vitamins are essential – B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and they can be found in eggs, nuts, bran, beans, peas, cauliflower and soy beans. Vitamins C and E helps improve blood circulation in the scalp, zinc improves the immune system and stimulates hair growth while biotin helps prevent their loss.

Topical solution. There are various topical solutions today that promise faster hair growth. If you’re not familiar with them, check with your dermatologist first and ask which one is ideal for you. You may be tempted to try the popular ones but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Oral pills. A drug widely known for improving hair growth is the methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). It contains sulfur that is necessary for the development of collagen and keratin in the body. This so called wonder drug is a dietary supplement without the side effects.
There are also other drugs that contain organic ingredients such as natural herbs. Most of them promise faster hair growth and no side effects that other drugs have.

Shampoo. This product is important in keeping our hair clean. Remember, though, to pick one that is mild and gentle to maintain the health of your hair. Avoid shampoos that have harsh ingredients as they can only lead to frequent hair fall and eventually hair loss. And be sure to choose shampoos that fit your hair type for best results.

Oil treatment. For proper hair nourishment, there are hair oil formulas available. These aim to condition the hair and heal the scalp. It is important that the scalp is moisturized to promote healthy growing hair.

Laser hair comb. Yes, there is such a product today that emits beams to help enhance hair growth. However, this may not be ideal for every one especially since it is quite expensive.

Hair conscious people have a wide choice when it comes to hair growth products. What matters is not the brand or price because the most important factor to consider is if it’s suitable for your hair type. The best tip here is to learn more about your hair, keep it clean every day, eat right and live healthy.

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